Pyjama Farmer

A heart warming story about a family that discover a piece of magic in their own home. They save a fantastic creature from eternal sleep and tell the story of the Pyjama Pets. Written by husband & wife team, Jude & Steve Simms, it is a tongue in cheek interpretation of their life. No one said life would be easy, but it sure can be full of love, creativity and magic. They tested the story out on their 5 children over the last 5 years (yes that's how long its taken, and then some). They think the rhyming prose and bright illustrations are the perfect bedtime, or anytime read. It is a lead into the world of Hellygog, their Arts and Crafts store in Logie Steading, Moray, Scotland. The pair already teaches classes in felting, sculpture, drawing and painting and plan to introduce sessions in Pyjama Pet creation (and all that would go with becoming a Pyjama Farmer). The couple are supported by their children and the larger Hellygog family of local crafts people. Be prepared for more books from the Simms household.